Friday, December 8, 2006

About Muslim "Reverts"

Have you ever noticed that so-called "reverts" to Islam always seem to do at least one of the following:

1) Change their names to something exotic-sounding like "Abdulla" or "Farouk" when their given names are more like "Jim" or "Pete";

2) Start planning crimes based on their burning desire to avenge some slight or other of which they have only just learned and against a group of people whom they just joined?

Case in point:

Perhaps Islam is the new Communism, the new barracks for the dead-souled, the unattached flotsam and jetsam of our modern age, a way of giving concrete expression of their complete and total rejection of all norms?

Say what you want about the "Born Agains," the "Holy Rollers," or even the Moonies or the Hare Krishnas, but there's no denying that their converts don't include murder and mayhem among their conversion experiences and sacraments of the faith.

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