Friday, December 1, 2006


Let me make sure I understand what I see here:Western civilization, or the pitiful remnant thereof, is crashing down around our ears under the weight of our accumulated ignorance, greed, and stupidity.We have the better part of one billion fellow inhabitants of our planet committed to a belief system (Islam) that not only defies common sense and good taste, but bears every appearance of being outright demonic.Of these one billion or so doomed and hell-bound souls, an unknown percentage are prepared to drop everything and commit offenses not only against the common weal, but indeed against the life, limb, and property of their fellow humans in support of this belief system, based upon the purported revelations given by a caravan-raiding pedophilic murderer.And, in the face of this simply unprecedented existential struggle, our people concern themselves, not with protecting their inheritance, nor even with preserving what little they still have, but rather with instantly forgettable trivia such as this.It's rather like discussing wallpaper patterns for the kitchen when your g-ddamned roof is on fire.Priorities, people. Priorities.

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